Hymns of Faith: a collabrative project

I’m proud to be a part of a project released this week called Hymns of Faith.  Bruce Benedict is the guy who put the whole thing together.  His description:

Hymns of Faith was conceived as a sort of “flashmob” project for a loose collection of songwriters for the church. the challenge…two weeks to write and record music to one of a collection of hymns written on the articles of the apostles creed. Hymns both arcane and beautiful in their meditation on the tenets of the Christian faith. (We thank Brian Moss for getting us started here!)

‘Lyra Fidelium – 12 Hymns on the Apostles Creed’ was published in 1866 by Samuel Stone as a devotional exercise to encourage the working poor in his English congregation. Building off of their weekly repetition of the Apostles Creed in worship he hoped to excite a greater interest in the expanse of biblical teaching grounded in each article.

This has been a challenging and stretching, a ‘formative’ exercise for us and we hope that listening to them will be both a comfort and deepening for you and your faith in our great triune God.

We give this as a gift to the church in celebration of both ‘Reformation’ and ‘All Saints’ Sundays. We ask that you would ‘pass it on’ and give a gift to the persecuted church via ‘The Voice of the Martyrs’. www.persecution.com.

I hope you’ll check out this great collabrative effort: http://cardiphonia.bandcamp.com/album/hymns-of-faith.  Enjoy!


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