Hymn #16

Here’s a hymn from Hope Chapel’s first record, released last year, called What Spoils from Death He Won.  You can download the 6 song collection for free here: https://noisetrade.com/hopechapel#.

Words were written by James Allen in 1831. Additional words and new music was written by Ryan Bowles, Charlie Swing, Todd Van Patter and me.  Musician credits are: Patrick Collins, drums; Charlie Swing, electric guitar; Hannah Van Patter, BGVs; Michael Van Patter, guitar, bass, keyboard, vocals.

Glory to God (worthy is the lamb)

listen | chord chart

Glory to God on high! Let heav’n and earth reply, Praise his name!
His love and grace adore, Who all our sorrows bore, Praise his name!
Sing aloud evermore: Worthy the Lamb!
Sing aloud evermore: Worthy the Lamb!
Jesus, our Lord and God, bore sin’s tremendous load, Praise his name!
Tell what his arm has done, what spoils from death he won, Praise his name!
Let all the hosts above join in one song of love, Praise his name!
To him ascribed be Honor and majesty, Praise his name!

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