Two new songs, coming soon…

First off, if you are checking out this blog on a regular basis, thanks for hanging in there for what has become quite a dry spell.  When I started this project, my intention was to do a hymn rewrite each week for a year.  It has ended up being every 2-3 weeks, at best.   Still, I have been more productive than I would otherwise have been, so I’m not too worried about it.  The good news is, I will be posting two new songs next week.  They’re part of another collaborative project by Bruce Benedict, in the same vein as Hymns of Faith and Songs for Lent.  Should be a really great collection of songs.  Stay tuned for a release early next week.

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3 Responses to Two new songs, coming soon…

  1. Nathan says:

    Hey Michael,

    Enjoyed playing your re-write of How Great Thou Art this past Sunday. It’s nice to find a website that shares my passion of hymns in our contemporary (current) context. You’ve inspired me to continue re-writing and for that I thank you…


  2. Lanier Ellis says:

    sort of stumbled on this. I love it – so many of the old hymns words are in danger of being lost by dumping the tunes. Thanks for keeping them alive this way.


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