An original hymn: For Your Glory

Every song I’ve posted on this blog has been an old hymn text set to new music. Occasionally, though, I’m hoping to post a song with original text and music. This is a text that I first wrote almost 10 years ago, then rewrote about 2 years back. It’s an attempt to capture the majesty and worth of God and the humble worship that results. At the same time, it’s a reminder that we are daughters and sons, loved and known– and so we can worship boldly and with confidence. This recording is from last Sunday’s worship service at Hope Chapel.

For Your Glory (words/music: Michael Van Patter)

recording | chart

It’s for Your glory, Lord, we come—not for our own gain
For Your glory, Lord, we come—to praise Your holy name
Not on a merit of our own, alone we’d bring you shame
But by the power of His blood, we stand and bless Your name

We hope in nothing we have done, we boast in Christ alone
We are daughters, we are sons; and we are loved and known
And in the quiet of this place, we’ll boldly seek Your throne
And plead the merit of His blood and worship You alone

You are worthy our Messiah! You are worthy Abba Father!
You are worthy King of Glory! You are worthy of all praise!

When the last sun fades away and all is said and done
You will be forever praised, from every tribe and every tongue
And every knee will someday bow in reverence ‘fore Your throne
Until that day we’ll join and sing, “the glory’s Yours alone”!

You are worthy Great Redeemer!You are worthy Mighty God!
You are worthy Everlasting! You are worthy of all praise!

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