Welcome to Hymns of the Weak, the blog of Michael Van Patter. It began as a project devoted to exploring the intersection of old hymns and new music.  The idea was to write/record one hymn per week, as both a creative exercise and, perhaps, to be of use to others.  Clearly that was too much to keep up with. After a year or so of hit or miss posts, the blog morphed into it’s current state, which a hub for any musical projects from Michael.

Michael Van Patter is director of worshiparts at Hope Chapel in Greensboro, NC.  He enjoys hanging with his wife, Hannah, their daughter Piper, and Son Watts, watching movies (also LOST and Arrested Development), gardening, and anything design-related.

Email Michael at michaelvanpatter@gmail.com.


One Response to About

  1. David Potter says:

    Hey Michael,

    Came across your site on Facebook, and had to smile as I’ve been working on something pretty similar and davidpottermusic.wordpress.com, and have a similar passion for rewriting old hymns with new music (or newly arranged music). I’ll look forward to seeing what you tackle over the next year, and will certainly connect friends of my sight to yours. Always looking for creative partners too, so lets stay in touch since we’re working on similar projects!

    David Potter

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